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Coronavirus Cure

Word Coronavirus Means any group RNA Viruses That Causes Verity of Disease in human body is called coronavirus before talking about coronavirus cure lets have look at how it all started. Basically the epidemic which world is facing Right Now is not new Human Coronavirus  was first found in 1960s. This Virus was responsible for infection in upper respiratory tract in Children, after that almost 5 New Coronavirus  have been discovered including  severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, which caused significant morbidity and mortality.

Basically if we research on coronavirus it is group of viruses which attacks on your respiratory tract. The Current Epidemic which world is facing right knows is novel Coronavirus which is also named as COVID19. This all started Wuhan China. According to the initial reports it is believed that this COVID 19 was found in the animal Market of Wuhan after that it was confirmed that COVID 19 has come from bats. as we all know Chines People just loves to eat everything.

This Virus Came to highlight when almost all the Wuhan was infected by this virus Chines Government initially checked the majors of the city after that city was emergency locked down. But maybe the virus was destined to be spread Chaos and take lots of human lives. Now Almost 153 Countries are infected by this virus almost 194,766 Peoples are infected by this virus throughout the world. This virus killed almost 7,896 peoples but on the bright Side 81,093 People are recovered.

Remember To Stay at home if you feel Sick If have muscle Pain

corona wors effected area

Worst Effected Countires:

According to WHO ( World Healt Organizatio) this virus is not deadly as it seems its molarity rate is just 3.4% as compared to other Viruses like french virus SARS and some others their Molarity rate was far greater then COVID19. But COVID19 Is far More Contagious then them.  The worst effected Countries are China, Usa ,Iran, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France , South Korea & Netherland in current date.


 Have they Found They Cure?

I believe this is the most asked question nowadays there are plenty of rumors about this question according to some resource some Australian Doctors Claimed that they have found its cure Queens Island Researcher Claims that HIV and Anti –malaria drugs are Cure to this Virus But the official Confirmation From WHO ( World Health Organization) is still Missing . There are some Trails Going on COVID 19 Cure but nothing have been found yet.

How we Save our self from COVID 19?

There is pretty Simple Precaution to live Healthy and to be safe from Coronavirus. NO one on the list is Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 remember that this virus can live up to 15 Hours on Nonliving thing so avoid touching the stuff which seems dirty and keep your House Clean Other Precaution which are told buy World Health organization are avoid touching your face, Use sanitizers frequently keep your Distance from Sick People. Just follow these simple Precautions and you will be safe from this virus. Follow thsese Prcautions Until the Coronavirus Cure.

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Cover Your Mouth, Nose and Eyes
  • Avoid Contact With Sick People
  • Dont Touch Your Face
  • Keep houshold Stuff Clean
  • Use Sanitisers


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